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Bookme ReviewDiscover Rangitoto Island Return Trip - Fullers360 FerryPosted by marianak from New Zealand on 9 Jun 2022

  • marianak said... Trip on the Ferry from Auckland was good and our climb/walk up enjoyable. Unfortunately it started drizzling on our way down, so we got quite damp and with the wind picking up it was quite cold. We had finished our walk early and noticed that the Ferry had arrived early. There were a lot of children around so we approached the Ferry and after they had dropped the passengers+_8, asked if we could shelter on the Ferry our of the cold and rain. A definite NO came straight to us and when I started complaining the guy said he would check with the “Captain”. Again we were told NO. They would be ready for us in about 25mins. Again I made it clear that we were allowed cold and wet and that there were a lot of children. We just got a shake of the head. We turned around and hurried back to the shelter area that was wet and cold. On the way back we suddenly heard the horn of the Ferry and the same person then stood on the deck waving at us to come back and we were then allowed inside. I was utterly disappointed that a lovely day had been spoilt by someone that just could not think about others and little children. We did not ask them to entertain us we just wanted to get out of the rain and cold wind a little earlier than arranged. A little bit of empathy and caring for others could have gone a loooong way.

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